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Formed in the summer of 2011, Say Mosquito straddles the ground between punk, jazz, psychobilly and pop. Peppered with irreverent lyrics and a no nonsense approach to fun, they take the classic power trio formula, feed it amphetamines, and turn it upside down and inside out. Their infectious songs reflect the diversity of their influences, ranging from artists such as X-Japan , NoMeansNo , Faith No More , to Wayne Shorter and Weather Report to name but a few.

A mainstay of the Hong Kong indie scene, Say Mosquito has been gigging regularly since 2012, with appearances at The Wanch, Hidden Agenda, The Fringe Club, Silvermine Beach Festival, and anywhere else in the city they can haul their gear to. They have also participated in events in mainland China including Rat On Swamp Dog (Shaghai) and X-Ta-Sea Woodstock (Shenzhen), and played hosts to international touring acts such as Dai Kai Ju (US), Thug Mills (Australia) and The Mystery Lights (US).

Their first EP, Oh No! , was released in 2016 and consists of the band’s early work from their inception. An energetic thrill ride, the EP captures the unmistakable Say Mosquito formula of fast, fun, no-holds barred, original music. The band is now back in the studio writing and recording their follow up EP slated for release in early 2018.

The short story long

Say Mosquito is a Hong Kong based band formed in 2011. Originally called “The Naughty Aliens”, they officially changed their name in 2012. The band members are singer and guitarist Steve Kiss, bassist Maggie Wong and drummer Barry Wong.

The band started when Steve and Maggie began playing together in the summer of 2011. After putting together a few songs, they started looking for a drummer and quickly met Tatsuya Yamaguchi at a popular local music bar - The Wanch . They rehearsed intensely for a few months. At first, the band played a mixture of covers and originals, but they quickly abandoned this in favour of only performing their own material. In September 2011, they began performing regularly in the local Hong Kong music scene.

By 2013, Say Mosquito had become a very active live band. In March of that year they started organizing a series of monthly shows at The Wanch called “Yeah! Show!”. They were also performing regularly at other events throughout the city, and decided to enter two music competitions, namely Planetrox and Yamaha Asian Beat. They gloriously lost both competitions! However, the former resulted in the release of ther first video single for the song Hamster. The video was put together in under five days as a last minute entry in the contest by Maggie while Steve was finishing the half recorded song. In November of that year, the band flew to Shanghai to play a three-day music event called “Rat On Swamp Dog”, organized by the Shanghai music blog master Slinkrat (Smartshanghai, 2013) of the band Pairs. With only one fully recorded track, Say Mosquito made a tour CD consistiting of four demos i.e. I Quit, Son of Sam, In the Wood and Eat the Pessimists, and their only single, Hamster. By that time, the band had grown tired of the constant shows and felt it was time to withdraw from performing and focus on songwritting and recording. At the same time, things were not working out with their drummer Tatsuya who's primary interest was in playing shows. They mutually decided to part ways. Their last show together was in March of 2014.

Left without a drummer and a series of half-completed recordings, Say Mosquito began working with studio magician Rob Porter at Yellow Frog studios. It is worth noting that by their own account, Rob is by far the most intelligent person the band has ever met. Their first project together was to record two demos for the songs I Quit and Eat the Pessimists which were completed at A-Room Studio with the help of friend and drummer LLoyd Yamid. Following this, Say Mosquito proceeded to complete the recording of four songs which had begun with Tatsuya on drums. This was the beginning of their wood-shedding period.

Say Mosquito's music is famous for it's speed. However, when it comes to writing songs, the band likes to take it slow. They spent most of 2014 and 2015 working on new ideas. By 2016, they had a handful of new songs and wanted to record. However, they still didn't have a drummer. With Rob's help, they reached out to A-Room producer and LMF member Davy Chan. His recommendation was none other than Barry Wong of the band Qiu Hong. Barry helped the band record one song. Impressed by the quality of their music, Barry asked the band if they "wanted to jam". Equally impressed with his drumming skills, the band agreed and they organized their first jam within days of the first recording. And so, Barry Wong became the permanent drummer of Say Mosquito. Their first show together was at the H2 Music Festival in July of 2016.

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