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Formed in the summer of 2011, Say Mosquito straddles the ground between punk, jazz, psychobilly and pop. Peppered with irreverent lyrics and a no nonsense approach to fun, they take the classic power trio formula, feed it amphetamines, and turn it upside down and inside out. Their infectious songs reflect the diversity of their influences, ranging from artists such as X-Japan, NoMeansNo, Faith No More, to Wayne Shorter and Weather Report to name but a few.

A mainstay of the Hong Kong indie scene, Say Mosquito has been gigging regularly since 2012, with appearances at The Wanch, Hidden Agenda, The Fringe Club, Silvermine Beach Festival, and anywhere else in the city they can haul their gear to. They have also participated in events in mainland China including Rat On Swamp Dog (Shaghai) and X-Ta-Sea Woodstock (Shenzhen), and played hosts to international touring acts such as Dai Kai Ju (US), Thug Mills (Australia) and The Mystery Lights (US).

Their first EP, Oh No!, was released in 2016 and consists of the band’s early work from their inception. An energetic thrill ride, the EP captures the unmistakable Say Mosquito formula of fast, fun, no-holds barred, original music. The band is now back in the studio writing and recording their follow up EP slated for release in early 2018.


"Say Mosquito are one of the few bands around that I can say sounds like no one else on the scene, and I’m willing to stick my neck out for this claim. Their music thrives on its odd-weird-funny-cute feel, and sounds like a vigorous combination of indie, funk, grungy, psychobilly and slightly punky music with just a touch of jazz."

- Shashwati Kala, artist reviewer, The Underground

"Spastic, erratic, erotic and exotic, Say Mosquito's sounds are well traveled, but speak to the city that spawned this speedy shredfest with songs that hit living and leaving Hong Kong, work and growing up. This is fun without being shallow, fast without burying the intriacies, intricate without showing off and there's enough twang to give it a sense of roots, but it stops short of being a hideous call out to anything or anyone Trump country. Get amped! Hell, get loaded! SAY MOSQUITO!"

- Arthur Urquiola, record label owner, Artefracture